Biology Team: Week #2

During our second week, the Biology crew has began working on some of our own individual research projects.  To save money we built a fyke net from scratch.  Here are a few pictures of our projects in progress.  Also you will see attached photos that show a little more about our field research.  We pull out a sein net to capture our little fishy friends and then start our PIT tagging process.  PIT stands for passive integrated transponder.  It is a tiny microchip that allows us to track the fish using strategically placed antennas that record information on their migratory patterns.  Without this awesome concept we would not have any idea of where the fish travel throughout their young lives.  We also weigh, take measurements and genetic samples of each little salmon we catchImage 

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About amandab3ck

I was given the most amazing opportunity this summer to learn more about our local Oregon ecosystem pertaining to coho salmon. This intriguing blog will hold all of the continuous detailed reports of my hands on educational endeavors.

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