Team Field Trip: Week 6

The team took a trip upriver on July 30th to look at a culvert replacement at Hodges Creek, a tributary to the East Fork Millicoma River. This project is replacing an undersized culvert that had 90 feet of fill on top of it! The project requires important attention to proper drainage so all of the exposed sediment does not find its way into the river and the water stays clear.

Safety first! The team is all geared up to visit the worksite.

See the road cut off on the other side of the trench?

Rushal is ready to go with her pink hardhat

Tristan sits on the engineered log jam (ELJ) downstream of the site.

Next stop was the oxbow restoration project further upstream on the East Fork. Read more about this project at CoosWA Executive Director Jon Souder’s blog post.

The bypass chute, which redirected the stream so it cut off the oxbow bend in its natural path, has been determined to be a fish passage barrier.

Randi, Jeremy, and Tristan check out some critters.

Eric and Nathan scope out the scene in the old rearing pond.


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